Only Forward!

I have largely neglected this whole enterprise, for which I feel the need to apologize (even if I’m only apologizing to the three or four friends of mine who may occasionally check this blog). The last few months have been, honestly, a bit of a mess. So much has happened, and a great deal of it has been quite good. I’ve gotten engaged, finally managed to motivate myself to start working to positively change my position in life, and a good deal of other things that have been lacking any kind of organization or coherence. Therefore, in the efforts of collating everything and proceeding forward, I’m picking up this project once again.

I don’t feel like I have, as yet, properly elucidated my intentions with this collection of writings. It is my desire to use this space to explore the spiritual not in terms of theory, which I am, as my friends know, deeply interested in investigating, but in praxis. For me this has broad and diverse ramifications. Foremost, my focus on spirituality is a creative one. I have come to firmly believe, through experience and reflection, that creativity is that vital spark that links us to the divine and opens the formal world to subjective experience and change. I will be turning my attention here, then, largely to the arts, and my own artistic pursuits.

I seek to explore the ways in which Spirituality (and I intend the capitalization here to delineate an expansive spirituality) is firmly embedded in a large range of human experience. I am increasingly of the opinion that honest subjective experience is exactly what is meant by the word Spirituality, and that all discrete operations of that word earn the lower-case spirituality. I have never been fond of the idea of essences or ideals, and so I do not wish to claim that there is some removed realm of Spirituality, but rather that Spirituality is immanent and present throughout all human experience. Spirituality, upper-case, is the field in which spirituality, lower-case, instantiates. Thus, I suppose, when I refer to Spirituality, I am referring to that which is unique in subjective experience as a class, whereas spirituality, lower-case, is to be used to describe discrete experiences. I am working from the presupposition, which, I realize, I must at some point expound upon, that the Subject is innately Spiritual.

I also intend to use this space to reflect upon issues which I find interesting, troubling, or otherwise worth discussion within spiritual discourse. While I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as Pagan, I feel a great deal of fondness toward the Pagan community. I honestly feel that my own approach to religion, worship, and the Spiritual is too iconoclastic and idiosyncratic for me to claim allegiance to any particular tradition, even one as diaphanous and ill defined as Paganism. That said, I am deeply interested in investigating Paganism as a spiritual movement, and the ways in which modern Pagans interpret and investigate the world around them.

In conclusion, then, I will make every effort to write regularly and I encourage comments and feedback, as I hope, more than anything, to inspire conversation with this project. Again, I apologize for not keeping in better form with this endeavor, but this whole investigation is of great importance to me, and so I will make every effort to continue this exploration.

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